Der Rosenkavalier, Met Opera in HD, July 25, 2012

“Wer hat dies Liedlein erdacht?”
Des Knaben Wunderhorn

This was a rebroadcast of the performance from January 10, 2010. Renee Fleming was the Marschallin, Susan Graham was Octavian, Christine Schäfer was Sophie.

The lighting in the first act had a funny orange tint. One could think of it as the sun going down on the Marschallin, though it was actually morning! Probably, though, this was just an artifact of the video.

Fleming looked fabulous, and Graham was a great Octavian. The closeups in the HD really allowed her to get across the comedy of the piece. These HD performances use more cameras than the old “Live from the Met Broadcasts,” but it’s still not like a movie. The farces in Acts II and III especially would be helped by overhead cameras or shots from upstage. During Act I, I couldn’t help but think of the Marx Brothers’ “A Night at the Opera” stateroom scene.

The Baron Ochs of Kristinn Sigmundsson was hilarious. He is huge, and in his 18th-century finery he resembled Disney’s Gaston from Beauty and the Beast at 60.

There is a 1962 film with music conducted by Karajan. Here is the final trio.

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